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April, 1986. After six weeks of fighting, forces under Gen. Grabinski seize Warsaw, forcing the pro-Communist government out. Fighting in the Carpathians ceases against US forces, and German forces along the border stand down. Polish forces, on the other hand, began to move against the forces they were previously fighting against.

The 22nd Mlot Boga, led by Gen. Broni Lubuska began to move to repel Soviet defenders from the area around Krakow, who they had previously fought alongside. In a surprising turn of events, the Poles absolutely routed the Soviets, making sure that the Poles bought the Germans time to resupply and begin to march on Russia itself.

  1. A pair of W-3W Sokol helicopters wait, after downing two enemy Mi-24 Hinds. These Sokols would live through the battle, later fighting in the Battle of Lviv.
  2. Polish flamethrower troops annihilate VDV positions, before moving forward. The forests around the central hill that dominated the landscape proved to be perfect country for these men, and quick dispersal of them ensured the forests belonged to the Poles.
  3. A pair of Mi-24W’s sit, their last missiles having killed T-62’s moments before. The Soviets, running low on supplies, had sent a mixture of brand new T-80U’s and T-62’s to the front.
  4. Polish T-72M1 Jaguars advance against a Soviet attack. Though destroyed, these two tanks managed to disrupt Soviet lines while AA forces and ATGM teams set up, buying precious time.
  5. A T-72 WILK sits in its pre-prepared position, waiting for another Soviet tank to enter its sights. After killing three enemy tanks and one enemy AA piece, the tank’s crew retreated, living through the battle, earning the Order of the White Eagle.
  6. A T-72 WILK moves under enemy rocket fire. The rockets, while not damaging the tank, destroyed its ERA armor, which ensured problems later in the battle.
  7. One of the Mi-24W’s from earlier fires on VDV forces with its guns and rockets. The Mi-24’s from here helped secure the hill in its entirety, preventing enemy forces from thinking of a counterattack.
  8. T-72M1 Jaguars move forward, counterattacking. The counterattack succeeded, driving Soviet forces back to their staging areas. At this point, the Soviet commander committed suicide as the battle was lost.
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